Two years ago.  I set out to create something special.  I didn’t know at the time, how or what exactly I’d be doing, just that it was going to involve travel, concierges and a way to make it easier for travelers to find the best a city had to offer.

Fast forwarding to a month ago, I find myself in a luncheon with Jim Billmaier.   My developer Kevin and I are talking about the company over chicken salad and I give Jim my pitch.  Halfway through, he stops us and says he’s interested in investing.  I recall looking over at Kevin and whispering, “did he really just say he wants to invest? Holy sh*%, I muttered.”

A week later, Jim and I are still interacting.  He’s basically looking up our skirt and us his and then the truly unexpected happens.  Jim tells us he wants to be our CEO.  If you’re wondering now, who this guy is, he’s a seasoned vet in the startup world with over 30 years experience in VC backed companies, ALL with successful exits.  He’s raised over $700M in his lifetime and made a lot of people a lot of money, including local billionaire and entrepreneur, Paul Allen.  Jim’s Bio: Jim Billmaier.

So, what did I do after hearing that Jim wanted to be CEO of my company?  Well, I jumped at the chance and for the past month we have been working diligently and silently, acclimating Jim to our company and working out his terms of employment.

And yes,  I am pleased to announce that Jim Billmaier, successful CEO, entrepreneur  investor, inventor, and overall great guy, is now the CEO of my company, City Guru (formerly On The Go).  As if that weren’t good enough, we also picked up an experienced CFO, Olin Nichols, who Jim had worked with in the past.

Now, what does this mean for yours truly?  It means, that I get to do what I love doing, sales and being in front of customers.  In this case, concierges and local businesses.  I made it my mission to provide them with the best technology and service, elevating the value of their jobs, and bring awareness to just how amazing this group of people are.  With Jim on board, I am certain we can make this happen.

With Jim and Olin on our team and the list of talented people that are coming to work with us in the near future, I’m just astounded and am still pinching myself.

Drew Morrison / Founder / CSO

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